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CSc 151: Web Technologies
  1. Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web
  2. HTML and HTTP
  3. Browsers and Servers
  4. Server-Side Programing
  5. Browser Programing
  6. Introduction to Web Services
Recommended Texts
Deitel, Deitel and Goldberg
Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Andrew B. Goldberg,
Internet and World Wide Web How to Program
Pearson Education, 8 January 2004, Paperback: 1296 pages
JavaScript Breakout
Simple Breakout game in JavaScript
JavaScript Pacman
Simple Pacman game in JavaScript
Rotating JavaScript cube
3D animation in JavaScript
With simple hidden surface removal

These images show some of the demos I produced for a course on web technologies. The aim was to illustrate what can be done with relatively simple JavaScript programs. I've since used a multi-trace modification of the oscilloscope code to help explain common keying and transmission schemes in a communications course -- included Ethernet, DSL, etc.

Yes, some of these are a little crazy... Getting a browser to render JavaScript animated 3D graphics with hidden surface removal was fun although for some reason browsers tended to warn about the amount of JavaScript processing they were doing. :) The examples were all pure JavaScript with no browser plug-ins and pre-date the inclusion of canvas support in browsers -- have a look at the simple Defender like game below to see how easy it is.

Click here or on the image of the Defender like game to see all the code and play the game.
JavaScript Oscilloscope
Animation: Simulated oscilloscope in JavaScript
Radio buttons add/subtract signals
JavaScript Defender
Defender: Object-oriented game in JavaScript

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